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Star Systems can provide affordable and tailor-made corporate video productions for the Irish market. We strive to achieve excellence in all of our video productions.

We provide professional and entertaining recording of premises and events which provide essential promotional material for use in future website advertising.

Think of your corporate video production; you could build on the image of your products or company, or you may need to motivate and educate your workforce, or the public. Such a Video would be and effective tool to promote your business, be it on a DVD or on your web site.

Here are 4 ways in which Video can help your business:

1. Position Your Company as Leader. It's not a new idea - innovative companies have been using film and video for decades to communicate with customers, investors, employees and the general public. But in this age of You Tube, viral videos and downloading your favorite TV shows - a company that doesn't utilize video is perceived the same way as a company that doesn't have a web site: not a serious contender.

2. Make Complex Ideas Easy to Understand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video demonstration, dramatization or motion graphic is priceless. In just seconds, your audience can experience a product or process in action and witness the results. This is especially true if your product works in a hidden or microscopic environment - or if your service offering involves a process or intangible.

3. The Corporate Overview Video. How long does it take you or one of your sales reps to adequately describe your company and it's various divisions, products, services and industry expertise? Or worse, how many times have you or one of your sales reps given a presentation about your company... and you ended up wishing you could have a "do-over"? Corporate Overview videos are powerful because in as little as 3 to 5 minutes, they give the viewer a quick and concise, high-level understanding of what your company does - while at the same time using music and carefully chosen testimonials and/or narration to give your viewers a sense of your company's size, industry leadership and overall personality. All that in just 3 to 5 minutes!

4. Increase Sales with Video Testimonials. Nothing sells like a satisfied customer. When a person is so happy with a product or service that they're willing to promote it to others - other customers take action. After all, who wants to take a chance on a big purchase of investment? That's what video testimonials can do for your company or product. Whether they're on your web site or part of a marketing video or presentation - honest, unscripted testimonials from your existing clients are one of the single most powerful selling tools available

Shooting styles can vary -from the high profile interview to a compelling demonstration using specialist lighting, tilted camera, Steadicam, or a cast to act out real scenes that will convince your audience.

We at Star Systems will be pleased to assist and advise you in your choice. Videos can be based around any event, demonstration, live show or set in your premises or at any location in Ireland. We can provide Camera Operators, Steadicam Operator, Expert Sound Recordists, Lighting Technicians and others to provide the extra flair or particular effect you may need for your:

  • Corporate Video
  • Web Testimonial
  • Conference
  • Lecture
  • Award Ceremony
  • Official Opening
  • Dignitary Visit
  • Promotional Party

So what happens next?

Contact us and tell us your ideas.  We'll return with ideas that will put yours into motion with creativity and finesse, whatever your budget.

If your are interested in pushing your business forward.

If you are interested in creating a video in which your audience can experience your product or process contact us today and see what we can do for you!




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